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In an effort to protect everyone from COVID-19, as we return to physical work, we are booking appointments with an hour in between.  This will allow for enough time to disinfect the office along with dissipating the cleaner smells in between each client.  Therapists will be using face masks during sessions and will not be working on hands and faces until this crisis has passed.  We sincerely hope you understand and wish everyone continued Health and Safety.  ~TherapeutiCare

 Distance Healing Sessions are available: To Book: Call or Text Lora at 774-262-5085 or email her by clicking here.

Crystal Healing Sessions are Here! Check out the Earth Star/BrownTreatments!


Welcome, Precious Woman...

Your health begins with YOU.
This is our belief and our approach to our energy, bodywork and spa treatments.

What does this mean?
Women are plagued with too much to do, too little sleep, too much stress, too much junk food, and “Too many Shoulds and not enough No Ways”.  As women, being the cyclic creatures that we are, our needs are ever changing.  Our bodies/emotions/soul have different needs dependent on where we are in our cycle.  Even without fluctuating hormones or bleeding time, as with menopause and hysterectomy, our inner selves are still cyclic- we still have this innate cycle.  Therefore every Woman has different needs to establish and maintain their health.  Every Woman has different goals and ideas of how they want to live and how they want their body to perform. Every Woman responds differently to treatments.

Many of us have forgotten our innate wisdom and power of our monthly menstrual cycle.  Other than PMS, we no longer recognize the changes that occur throughout the month.  But these changes can have powerful results if utilized to help us achieve out goals.  On our Cyclic Nature page, we discuss these changes and which treatments are best to receive during each phase of our cycle, helping us establish and maintain health.

· Only YOU know your body.

· Only YOU know your goals for your body.

· Only YOU knows where it hurts.

We want to help you achieve these body goals.  Let us use our expertise to help relieve your muscular pain, increase your sense of connection to self, release stress and maintain a state of well being.

Offering Therapeutic Massage techniques ranging from Deep Tissue to general Relaxation Massage, we tailor each treatment to your specific needs in order to achieve YOUR goals.  We also offer specialty treatments to enhance your experience with us; such as Reiki, Reflexology, Marconics, Bach Flowers, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Spa Body Wraps and Treatments.  Our Services page is the “Start Guide” if you will in exploring all the treatments we offer.  Here you will find complete pricing details and an explanation as to why and how to use the color coding.

Working closely along side Acupuncturists and Arvigo practitioners, together we provide women with various methods of maintaining their well-being and menstrual health.  By addressing uterine position and systematic energy flow, a woman can maintain her reproductive health throughout her life.  Our techniques offer support to those of Acupuncturist and Arvigo practitioners.
We also have experience working with Chiropractors and Physical Therapists alike, in injury rehabilitation and prevention.  Massage has been known to enhance range of motion and relieve the pain that may be associated with Physical Therapy training, by releasing tight muscles and increasing the comfort of each PT treatment. Therapeutic Massage has also been known to enhance chiropractic.  Muscles move bone.  With an injury or trauma, muscles may tighten excessively in order to protect the bone or joint.  After an injury/trauma and with the bone/joint placed back into alignment through chiropractic, muscles need to be re-trained to return to their original relaxed state.  Massage re-institutes this relaxed state.

We are more than happy to work with you and your PCP or other health care professionals in order to enhance your well being and overall health.

We would love to be part of your health care team and are thankful for the opportunity.

We look forward to meeting you!

We are located:
155 Boston Road, Suite 13
(2nd floor- turn right- 1st door on the right)
Southborough, MA 01772

(508) 303-5086

 Our mission: to support the healing of women’s bodily issues (incontinence, infertility, pregnancy, stress and injury) through bodywork; empowering women in their body awareness, self-esteem and self-care.


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